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This is the official Wikia for the new YouTube Series: The Quest For Powtoon Island! You need to be at least 7 to go on the wikia.

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25 contestants compete for 1 island. Only 1 wins. 22 are eliminated. 2 will be the runner ups and during finals, will be rewarded with smaller prizes. Rules:

  1. Contestants may not change their team name one created.
  2. Contestants can't swap teams unless if the host wants them to.
  3. Contestants aren't allowed to hang out with members that aren't on their team during free time.
  4. Contestants aren't allowed to amything innapropriate. This includes bullying, swearing, drugs, etc.
  5. Eliminated Contestants aren't allowed to escape the Locker of Losers.
  6. Contestants need to be safe at all times. Challenges are dangerous at times and sometimes deadly.
  7. If a team member dies, the other members need to use a recovery center A.S.A.P!
  8. No leaving anyone behind!
  9. Have fun!

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