The Beginning was episode of TQFPI. It was the first actual episode where the characters are introduced. It was released on April 1st 2017.

Summary: The Announcer starts making signups. Wilbur and Maui notice a sign. The sign is for sign ups. A few moments later they arrive at The Announcer's House and Wilbur is furious that the Announcer didn't add the number of contestants to the sign up sheet and threatens to de-magnetize him. This was due to budget cuts. Moments later Tracker signs up for the competition. Hiro asks Leafy if she wants to see a magic trick and she says yes, as long as he doesn't injure Firey. Hiro reverses the gravity and everyone is upside down. The Announcer makes Hiro turn off The Anti-Gravity and threatens to have other speaker boxes attack him. Hiro fixes the gravity, much to his disappointment. Hours later, an angry Eric comes and is mad because he thinks all the spots were taken. He was the last contestant needed for sign ups. He was happy after hearing that.

Challange: None

Winner: None


This is the first episode of the series.

A pilot episode aired before that, showing the characters competing and the host.

This episode is where everyone signs up.

This is the first episode were no one is eliminated.

This episode was changed to TQFPI 1 Welcome To The Show.

Wilbur threatens to de-magnitize the speaker box, which Tennis Ball in BFDI also threatens to do.

Three BFDI references were used in this episode.

Leafy doesn't want Firey to be hurt. This could be a sign that she likes him.

Tracker is the only Paw Patrol contestant that showed up.

Firey and Elsa showed up in the episode, but they didn't speak. Firey speaks in episode 2. Elsa's voice is still unknown.

Origianally The Thunderfan 21 was going to do the voices. This was later changed when she found text to speech voices.

The Announcer's voice is the only one used on a computer. That is why clicking can be heard when he speaks.

The Episode was made using Powtoon.

The Episode got 5 likes and 7 comments. 3 were made by The Thunderfan 21 and 4 were made by other users.

The announcer may have made an excuse for not writing the number of contestants on the sheet.


Tracker says "May the odds ever be in your favor." The actual Hunger Games reference is "May the odds be ever in your favor."

The Jeopardy theme song is played once in the moments later slide. It is not played in the other two.

The sign ups sheet slide used a font that looked like the announcer wrote on it even though he has no arms.

It is impossible to reverse gravity in real life. Hiro broke the laws of physics.

Previous Episode: None Next Episode: TQFPI 2 Team up for elimination: Unknown

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